Oracle’s Standard Edition 2

What:  Effective Dec 1, 2015, Oracle will no longer sell Standard Edition (SE) or Standard Edition One (SE1) database editions. Instead, they have introduced Standard Edition 2 (SE2), a new Edition with some subtleties that will vary in importance from customer to customer. NOTE: this doesn’t affect Oracle Enterprise Edition Users.

We have distilled down a full presentation from Oracle to the following:

Issue: There are 2 separate decisions that need to be made by December 1, 2015:

Since you will no longer be able to purchase SE1 licenses after Dec 1, you should buy SE1 Procs BEFORE Dec 1, 2015 IF:

  • Your user count has surpassed the number of users you currently have licensedTo Purchase Oracle Software Licenses now:
  • You think you will need more SE or SE1 licenses in the future
  • You need to switch from Named Users (NUPS) to Processors(Procs) because your database is now accessible to a large internet-based population of users…

Why now? Because after Dec 1st, the cost goes from $5,800/proc for SE1 to $17,500/proc for SE2.

If/When to Migrate to SE2:  While Oracle will let you migrate the lower cost SE1 to SE2 for free at any time, we must weigh it out. You can Stay on SE1 or SE for a few more years, but there are support restrictions if you stay, and there are technical restrictions and increased annual cost if you migrate to SE2. Here is our analysis:

  • If you Stay on SE or SE1, these versions are the two options and associated Support issues
    • Release Premier Support will continue until September 1, 2016. At that time, SE and SE1 will bypass Extended Support and go directly into Sustaining Support (Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) are not available in Sustaining Support – this is a must have for HIPAA, so we are not recommending this)
    • Release The release is currently within Extended Support and will continue to be there into 2018.  For this reason, our recommendation is to get everyone that doesn’t want to go to SE2 on which will be supported longer…into 2018 before Sustaining Support (so 2 more years of getting CPUs before you have to upgrade to SE2).
  • If you migrate SE or SE1 to SE2 you will be on a path to Support and CPUs forever, but you must accept:

New SE2 technical limitations:

  1. 2-socket maximum server size (SE1 was 2 and SE was 4-socket),
  2. Technical 16 thread cap per database will apply in SE2, and
  3. 10 NUP per Server minimum (was 10 min per customer)

*20% increase in Annual support cost associated with the higher priced SE2 license. (does not apply if you are already on SE)

We are here to help you stay compliant with Oracle’s license requirements. We suggest that you purchase your Standard Edition 2 license from our online software license and support shop.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to walk you through these changes.