Oracle Support Cost Saving Strategies

One of the biggest expenses involved in Oracle software licensing is support. Oracle support costs 22% of your license costs EACH YEAR. This means that after 5 years, your organization will have paid more for support than it paid for the original product. That is a hefty price but, in many instances, a necessary one.

Besides getting help with problems in the database code and permitting database upgrades, support allows your organization to apply critical patch updates (CPUs). These updates, released on a regular basis by Oracle, correct known problems in the software which, because they are published by Oracle, are easy for hackers to exploit. This makes applying CPUs a basic element of due diligence for application.

Oracle Software Support includes:

  • 24/7 access to expert help
  • Security patches and update recommendations (CPUs)
  • Version Upgrades

Oracle support is clearly important and it is a must have for production environments. What if, however, your organization has licenses it isn’t using? In that case, de-supporting those licenses could save your organization thousands, and in some cases, millions of dollars each year in Oracle support costs. These de-supported licenses can be decommissioned or re-purposed away from production for development, test, and training.

One of the most common ways for Oracle users to see ROI from working with a partner like Guardian Eagle is through reduced support costs. A partner can help to identify places where support isn’t necessary or where licenses can be repositioned to decrease the number of environments that need to be supported.

It is important to keep in mind that unsupported licenses can always be re-supported if the organization is willing to pay for back support. That is, if a license was de-supported in the last 4 years, the business has the option of paying for each de-supported year. the 5th year, however, it becomes cheaper to buy a new license than to pay back support. The option to pay back support can be useful in term licensing as well.

It is important to remember that environments that matter need to be supported. This includes production, failover, development, and test environments. If, however, licenses are out of use and a cost benefit analysis reveals de-supporting them can be beneficial, paying back support is always an option. An Oracle partner like Guardian Eagle can provide a license assessment that will provide the backbone of a cost benefit analysis.

Until the analysis is completed, your business will be at risk in two ways. You could be underpaying, that is you might have critical environments that are unsupported. You could also be overpaying, that is you might have support you don’t need. In either case, finding out for sure is a good way to make sure you can get a good nights rest.
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