Managed Services in the Cloud

Cloud Strategy

Not Everyone Can Fly the Plane

When you travel by plane are you ever tempted to hop into the cockpit and take over flight controls? After all, you have flown for years; you know all the tricks to getting through security; you have the perfect carry-on bag for the overhead space; and you have mastered on-board sleeping. You are a fantastic passenger so why not take it to the next level and fly the plane? Because it will take the expertise, training, and time to fly and maintain the plane. Your time and energy are better spent elsewhere, on more strategic tasks. The reality is that it takes a dedicated, highly skilled crew to provide an enjoyable flight experience and deliver passengers safely to their destinations.

While it is a far-fetched analogy, it’s fitting to determining cloud strategy. While your organization may be using or considering cloud technology, without the right expertise and focus, just like with the plane, it could result in catastrophic failure. There are real benefits to partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for your cloud environment.

How a MSP Complements Your Cloud Strategy:

Evaluation and Planning.
The best MSPs take the time to understand your current environment, what you hope to gain from the cloud including fairly detailed requirements for uptime, security, RPO, RTO, etc. From there, we can identify gaps or weaknesses in your existing strategy and develop a plan to address those weaknesses and ensure your migration to the cloud is successful.

Implementation and Expertise.
Just because you want to move your database to the cloud, doesn’t mean you don’t still need help getting it there and making it work. A MSP will have the highest levels of expertise in migrating complex environments to the cloud. MSPs leverage their depth of holistic expertise with databases, storage, networking, security, and performance combined with the flexibility of the cloud to help you get the best-of-breed solution customized to your needs.

Strategic focus. A MSP will allow your in-house IT staff to focus on more strategic objectives instead of on mundane, repetitive maintenance of the critical systems they have come to rely on. Internal IT resources can be utilized to explore process improvements or other strategic projects. This will also lead to higher job satisfaction for IT staff and lower operations costs.

Reduce capital.
Managed cloud services reduce expense of infrastructure costs (hardware, software, networking, etc.). Cloud service models reduce the need for businesses to fully invest in hardware, full suites of software packages and infrastructure tools.

Predictable monthly costs.
Managed cloud services are typically contracted at a fixed rate, either monthly or annually. A fixed payment means you know what you’re going to get and how much it is going to cost over the contract. No unexpected upgrade charges or changes in charges.

Another important factor to consider with your cloud strategy is hosting. Often times it is logical and cost effective to bundle managed services with hosting infrastructure. This simplifies the overall cloud process and ensures data security and productivity.

Even with all of those significant benefits, without a strong relationship with your MSP, your cloud computing experience may be negative. The key to any great relationship with a MSP is communication. Reporting and analytics should be provided on a regular schedule. And at least once per year, the strategy and results should be reviewed. The MSP should be a trusted, reliable partner, not a services provider who dictates the direction of your infrastructure.

Managing your cloud and database environments are complex. Guardian Eagle has the expertise to simplify your cloud, amp up its performance, reduce operational costs, and be your trusted advisor. For database hosting, we maintain space in top-end data centers where we run the hardware, software, networking, firewalls, intrusion detection, etc. We ensure your data and applications are secure and backed up and address redundancy at all levels of the equation.  Our mission and core values center on relationships: we want to provide the best solution for your business in the most positive experience possible, so that you can stay focused on running your business.