Guardian Eagle – A Data Protection Company


Guardian Eagle is a Data Protection Company that secures your data from the inside out. We truly save companies from data nightmares! Our legacy expertise in databases, business continuity, replication, performance tuning, and data security has allowed us to help our customers experience less down time, zero data loss, and highly tuned systems that perform and scale.

Cyber-Security Increases in Demand

We have all seen a dramatic increase in demand for cyber-security products and services. Interestingly, the most valued assets companies must protect are in the database. This positions Guardian Eagle perfectly to approach the issue from the inside out. In fact, over the past several years we have seen our legacy data-protection solutions save our customers from data security nightmares, including external attacks that made it past traditional measures.

Historically, most security solutions approach the problem from the outside-in, by deploying better firewalls, intrusion detection, active monitoring, AI, etc. Yet we’ve see well-known companies have these security measures by-passed and shocking amounts of our personal data escape. Often, we find out companies don’t focus enough on their data and face attacks that could have easily been avoided.

Data Protection From the Inside Out

At Eagle, we have been protecting our customers data for years through encryption, audit, redaction & masking, redundancies, advanced access controls, and additional solutions that extend out from the data layer. Our data-centric expertise and approach uniquely positions us to improve security and save companies from data nightmares!  To better accomplish these newly highlighted goals, we are rebranding the company from Eagle Datagistics to Guardian Eagle.

Our company philosophy is to positively influence everyone we touch. This applies to clients, vendors, partners, and each other. These ideals are reflected in our five core values: Customer Experience, Excellence, Feed Passion, Teamwork, and Good Karma. We are so committed to our core values that each quarter we recognize each other for practicing them in our daily work. In 2016, Eagle Datagistics won the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s award for Overall Best Place to work. A large part of winning that award is a reflection on our commitment to our Core Values.

We look forward to continuing to build on great relationships, core values, and industry leading expertise as we pivot the company to focus on protecting your data!