Purchasing Oracle Software Licenses through a Partner

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Fact or Fiction: It’s More Expensive with an Oracle Partner

When you partner with and independent licensing expert, you get the benefit of their years of experience dealing with Oracle. Good Oracle partners know what discount levels Oracle can approve, and why. Great Oracle partners, like Guardian Eagle, will never let you pay more for licenses than you should. In my 15 years of selling Oracle software licenses, only one time has the customer been able to get a better deal directly through Oracle. In the extremely rare case that occurs, we encourage the customer to go directly with Oracle.

A superior Oracle partner will always help you:

Pay attention to your Oracle software footprint

Over time, especially in larger organization, DBAs and developers end up installing Oracle databases and other software products all over the place.  Even with the best of intentions, a well-disciplined company can lose track of what is installed, and how that lines up with what they own. An Oracle partner can add this value to your team. They help you understand exactly what you have installed vs. what is licensed and how to get the biggest bang for your buck. You will save money by paying for only what you currently use and you will get the maximum discounts on what you need to purchase.

Leverage tools proven to optimize assessment accuracy

A proven Oracle partner will have ways to scan your network for Oracle installs and find things you may have lost track of.  Any discrepancies between what you have installed and what is registered with Oracle will be resolved by an expert licensing team before Oracle is involved.

A license scanning tool is only the first step in revealing what you currently have. A partner is able to obtain a record of your past license purchases from Oracle to compare to the scan report. There are further questions that the scan cannot answer such as – Are you using all of the reported applications? To what extent? Can some of the support levels be eliminated? This is critical to do with a partner as so you can find and correct situations before it costs you money with Oracle.

Oracle’s License Management Service (LMS) will use very similar tools to perform a license assessment. But once they identify you are running unlicensed software, they often will make you pay back support and decommission the software unless you plan to purchase future use of the software. An assessment with a partner can prevent this and save you money.

Plan and budget more accurately

No one likes surprises. An Oracle partner will help you properly plan for purchases. A planned purchase strategy is better than a reactive one. For instance, partners are able to provide you with suggestions that allow you to purchase for prospective future software demand. This may lead you to purchase a perpetual term license today instead of purchasing a single 1-year Named User Plus license each year for the next 6 years.

Partners offer predictability when planning projects. This will result in better deals and lower ongoing support costs. Forecasting growth and determining ahead of time what software you will need down the road will help you reduce spending. A partner can analyze your past software purchases and growth track to identify predictive growth patterns.

An established budget can ensure lower future costs. Also, once a partner has outlined your license usage and compared it to what you own, you are able to manage your software installation with accuracy. Accuracy supports your budget which reduces costs in the long term.

Reduce long term license costs

Long term license costs are largely attributed to annual support costs. Oracle’s annual support cost is calculated as 22% percent of the net license fee. Overtime, this adds up to a significant expense. Just think, if you paid $100,000 for software, your annual support costs will be $22,000 forever. A partner can get you a higher discount on your initial software purchase and, as a result, so your support costs will also be reduced.

An Oracle partner has the capability of negotiating the price of a deal much further than a customer would be able to alone and knows how to work with Oracle to reduce minimums or to look at term-based licenses as an option that is often overlooked. Partners automatically receive a standard partner discount and can often push the discount further depending on the size of the purchase. Guardian Eagle has never been beaten by Oracle on a discount. We can ensure you that a good Oracle partner will be able to elevate your long-term savings.

Ensure license compliance

Oracle is known for their complex licensing rules and changes to pricing, products, and rules are often not clearly understood by the customer but happen every quarter. Changes to the rules can impact your strategy and budget. An Oracle partner is aware of the current licensing rules and can help you craft a strategy that matches your company’s need, while staying in compliance with Oracle’s changing rules.

A superior Oracle Partners can promise the customer common goals, shared commitments, and mutual rewards. Simply put, taking advantage of an Oracle partner can help you avoid an audit and save you money in the long run. So, Fiction: It’s More Expensive with an Oracle Partner.