Guardian Eagle’s Database Risk Assessment helps you identify and contain data breaches- before its too late. Take the correct precautions to protect your business.

How our Database Risk Assessment works:

i. We conduct interviews with your team of internal experts to understand and document

  1. Where your critical data lives and the controls you currently have in place to protect it
  2. The realistic threats to that data and the vulnerabilities inherent in your current posture
  3. What you believe to be your regulatory obligations and what you think you should be doing to protect against threats

ii. We deep dive with technical administrators and policymakers within your organization to find out and document what you are actually doing (often different than what you think)

iii. We evaluate that information to gain clarity around your threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

iv. We create and present a report of our findings and recommendations to your team.  This supports HIPAA HITRUST requirements and provides valuable insights into actually protecting you from a catastrophic event.

Database Risk Assessment