Secure Database Replication

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Guardian Eagle’s secure database replication solution, Northern lights, provides a ‘last stand’ copy of a customer’s data that not only survives unplanned failures, but also targeted ransom attacks. Like the Northern Lights, you won’t always see it, but you know it is there, providing you with an offline copy that is consistently updated to provide minimal exposure to data loss and downtime.

The Problem

Ransom Attacks are on the rise.  Even with the most sophisticated and mature security solutions in place, bad actors are still breaching defenses and dwelling inside the enterprise where they can identify opportunities to exploit and vulnerabilities to leverage in doing so.  This dwell time helps them craft and plot comprehensive ransom attacks that are effective in denying organizations access to their own data.

Attackers hit ALL copies of the same databases including Production, Standby, Test, Dev, Analytics, etc.  They dwell to have time to locate and develop plans to neutralize all copies of the data before they launch their attack.  It is devious, stressful, and often highly effective.  The financial cost can be enormous, but its potential as a ‘company ending’ event is unacceptable.

Further, paying the ransom is no guarantee that the criminals will give you the decryptions keys, or that they won’t hit you again in 6 months now that you have proven to be someone who will pay.

The Solution- Undetectable Database Replication.

At Guardian Eagle, we assume you have already been breached, and that internal knowledge of where your critical data resides may already be in the hands of the bad guys. Using, Guardian Eagle’s secure database replication solution, Northern lights to replicate database data in a way that is not detectable, bad actors will launch ransom attacks thinking that they have denied customers access to all the critical data, when in fact they have not.  This causes the attack to fail, and the company is safe without having to pay a ransom and cross their fingers.

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