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Protect Your Data From the Inside Out

While it’s a no-brainer that you should protect your data from malware, SQL injections, or a computer virus, it’s just as crucial to secure all data from insiders who are legitimately authorized to access the data. Not all of your employees should have unfettered access to your assets. Doing so creates a prime ground for (a) having too many chefs in the kitchen, increasing the likelihood that human error may cause a security breach, and (b) having a too curious staff member go into files that are irrelevant to their job duties, and thus, they have no business being there.

Protecting your data from the inside out allows you to:

  • Comply with federal regulations, such as HIPAA and FINRA
  • Implement access policies
  • Monitor internal activity
  • Detect potential risks as soon as they occur
  • Keep disgruntled employees from causing harm to your company
  • Provide a trail of all data activity
  • Manage audit data

Limiting access, data masking, and encryption provide you with enough peace to sleep soundly every night. And by keeping a written report of all internal activity, auditing is a cinch. Let Guardian Eagle be your first line of defense.

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