Disaster Recovery Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Planning for Enterprise Applications

Disaster Recovery Part One: The Foundation of Your Disaster Recovery Plan This will be the first of a three-part series about my experiences with a Disaster Recovery (DR) project for a long time client that was entering into a new line of business. Part one of the series will be some background on Disaster Recovery and […]


What is Enterprise User Security (EUS)?

Update: January 28, 2019  What is Multi-Factor Authentication? An already excellent post by Hari Muthuswamy, I wanted to add a bit of information on Multifactor Authentication. – Dan Elliott  Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as dual factor authentication or 2FAis not a new concept but how it is delivered has changed. Many of you remember carrying […]

Documention Your Technical Roadmap

Best Practices for Documenting Technical Procedures

Documentation – Your Technical Road Map Documentation isn’t something most of us enjoy, but in reality it is essential to what we as DBAs do.  Now, I’m not talking about Oracle documentation here, we all read plenty of that.  The documentation I’m writing about pertains more to compiling your own notes for specific tasks. I’ve been […]

Virtual Machine

Building Test Environments with Oracle VirtualBox

Everyone has been in a situation where they needed a test environment and we all know physical test environments can prove to be costly to implement and maintain. Oracle VirtualBox provides a free, easy to install, desktop virtualization tool that is available for Windows, OS X and Linux. VirtualBox allows users to run just about […]

Backup DR

The Importance of Apply Lag on Standby Databases

Making the right decisions during system design to account for the unknown One afternoon, one of our OnTrack™ Managed Services customers called in a panic and said “I sure wish we would have implemented Flashback on the prod databases”. I knew right then that something was very wrong. As it turns out, someone logged-in to […]

Tampa Bay Business Journal 2016 Best Places to Work Winner

2016 Best Place to Work Overall Winner

Guardian Eagle Awarded Tampa Bay’s 2016 Best Places to Work We are extremely pleased to be named the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2016 Overall Best Place to Work! It was an independently conducted process that looked deeply at over 200 companies from the smallest to the largest in the Tampa Bay area. This really says something […]

Recovery Time Objective

Measuring a Successful Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters, hardware failures, and human error – not anything we want to happen, but the reality is they do happen. Considering organizations’ IT infrastructure, applications and valuable data at risk, all of these occurrences could cause irreparable damage. This is not new information. We all know that “things happen.” So the focus should be […]

Cloud Strategy

Managed Services in the Cloud

Not Everyone Can Fly the Plane When you travel by plane are you ever tempted to hop into the cockpit and take over flight controls? After all, you have flown for years; you know all the tricks to getting through security; you have the perfect carry-on bag for the overhead space; and you have mastered […]


Oracle Support Cost Saving Strategies

One of the biggest expenses involved in Oracle software licensing is support. Oracle support costs 22% of your license costs EACH YEAR. This means that after 5 years, your organization will have paid more for support than it paid for the original product. That is a hefty price but, in many instances, a necessary one. […]

Oracle Software Insights

Oracle Master Agreement Facts

4 Oracle Master Agreement facts Mitigate audit risk by understanding your Oracle contracts If your business treats the Oracle Masters Agreement (OMA) (previously known as the Oracle License and Service Agreement (OLSA)) the same way most people treat service agreements, simply clicking “I agree” without thinking, you could quickly find your business in non-compliance. Oracle […]