2016 Best Place to Work Overall Winner

Tampa Bay Business Journal 2016 Best Places to Work Winner

Guardian Eagle Awarded Tampa Bay’s 2016 Best Places to Work

We are extremely pleased to be named the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2016 Overall Best Place to Work! It was an independently conducted process that looked deeply at over 200 companies from the smallest to the largest in the Tampa Bay area. This really says something remarkable and we are very proud of this recognition! In the weeks following the award, I have been asked many times ‘why’ I think we won. As I have pondered the question, I have come up with the follow ‘obvious’ insights and wanted to share them. The trick is ‘walking the walk’, not just ‘talking the talk’, and it has to include every employee/team member. We all deserve genuine concern for our careers and our lives.

NEWS FLASH! Work does not have to be that thing you HAVE to do so that SOMEDAY you can retire and start living a full life. At Eagle, (and it starts from the top) we believe in living a full-life now! Clearly defined company and employee goals, good communication, trust, and balancing personal and professional activities are the key. Taking time to find out a person’s life dreams helps us to co-align company goals with personal, keeping people motivated and working on things they are passionate about, knowing that they have a career path that we will help them achieve… even if, at some point, it means they may move on from Eagle. It’s only when people feel passionate about what they’re doing, trust their team, and make sure they keep a healthy balance that they can truly perform to their best.

Another key piece is sharing a clear company vision and each person’s role in achieving that vision. It sounds simple but is not the norm, especially in larger organizations. Linking someone’s day-to-day work with the overall company picture of success and growth is an extremely powerful and positive motivator.

While we are 100% dedicated to the best solutions for our customers combined with the best customer experience, we keep a balanced perspective. We don’t always have to be formal and tight to be effective. We kick beach balls around the office (okay, mostly me), we listen to music at work, laugh at our own mistakes, complement each other for a job well-done, and apologize to each other when we should. We don’t hold grudges, or play politics. We work together to finish things as a team, and occasionally we get together after work to celebrate or unwind from the whirl of the day. Sometimes that celebration begins on a Friday around 3-4 pm.

In addition, our company philosophy is to positively influence everyone we touch. This applies to each other, our clients, vendors, people who cold-call us, and the cleaning crew. This philosophy is reflected in our five core values, that every employee is measured by: Customer Experience, Excellence, Feed Passion, Teamwork, and Good Karma. Living by the core values creates a company culture dedicated to high quality service combined with cooperation, support and respect. We are so serious about our core values that we collectively check-in every quarter to hold each other accountable for practicing them in our day to day work. This can only work if you truly trust each other and know that the goal is a better place for all of us to work.

I truly hope this message resonates with you, and if appeals to you, we might be the next place (and maybe the last) you should work. Give us a call, stop in, email, etc. We are open and welcoming…and probably having a good time!

Guardian Eagle is an IT solutions company and one of the largest Oracle Gold partners in the Southeast United States. We are a people company solving complex data-centric problems such as high availability, scalability, database security, and replication services. We specialize in keeping companies running efficiently, with a focus on limiting down-time and data-loss, resulting in savings and peace of mind. We engage with our customers to truly understand their needs and challenges, putting their requirements above our own to form a foundation from which we build long lasting win-win relationships.

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  • OnTrack™: This is our managed services offering for databases. For a modest monthly rate, companies are able to reap the benefits of a team of experts, without the internal costs associated with adding headcount. OnTrack offers 24/7 coverage that increases the security, performance, and availability of enterprise-class transaction processing and data warehouse systems databases.
  • Data-Centric Projects and Architecture Services: Our team of experts works with our customers to create solutions that align with business needs. This can as light as a system Health Check and as complex as a full scale re-architecture project where we lead, providing resources, project management, hardware, software, and staffing.
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